hi, I'm Ana

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but I really had no idea what that meant. I was praised for my creativity, loved to draw and paint. My creativity came from a love of beautiful things and wanting to make them myself. Didn’t really have anything deep I wanted to express, which became an issue when I got to college as a Fine Art major. I tried fashion design classes, special effects makeup…considered changing my major so many times. It wasn’t until my junior year that I was finally allowed to take my first jewelry making and metal smithing class. In combination with Art History and Fashion Styling classes, I had found my means of expression. After college I moved to Los Angeles, craving sunshine and independence, with absolutely no plan. Took any job I could just to make a living. An internship with a jewelry design firm that created designs for various brands, fine jewelry production, fast fashion accessory assembly, studio assistant to independent artists - learned a lot. I’m sure you could guess which I liked best. Finally in 2020, when the whole world stopped, I was able to leave my distractions behind and focus on my craft. Taking everything learned from working in different areas of the jewelry world, I discovered what I wanted and did not want in my own business. My goal is to create original one of a kind jewelry that is timeless and comfortable. Inspired by the art of ancient civilizations, the natural beauties of our planet, and made with the intention of being wearable for any occasion. I have always been dazzled by gemstones and sea gems (pearls, shells, corals) and they are the main component of my work. Not only are they beautiful to look at, I believe in their magic. They hold so much history and energy within them. It is so cool that these stunning materials come from the earth and sea, and that we can appreciate them and adorn ourselves with their beauty. I never use synthetic materials, only natural gems and pure solid metals like Sterling Silver, Gold, and Brass. My jewelry is meant to last, and be treasured forever. It brings me so much joy, gratitude, and pride and knowing that my creations are out there being worn and appreciated. While I am still learning and growing, I am beyond proud of where I am today; an artist making a living from my own work. A dream that could have never come true without my beautiful customers. Thank you for inspiring me to keep moving forward and being creative - and if you made it this far, thank you for reading my super long bio!
Love you all!!!


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